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Garden Visits – Stowe – 17th October

2 August, 2019

Bookings are now being taken for the garden and house visit to Stowe(NT).  

In the eighteenth century, the powerful Temple-Grenville family chose to create an idyllic landscape filled with temples. Amidst these large gardens, they built the most lavish temple of all, Stowe House. 

Stowe House is not owned by The National Trust so there is an entry charge for all visitors.  The cost for NT members is £5.50 (house entry).   For non-NT members the cost is £11.70 (gardens) plus £5.50 (house entry), so a total of £17.20. A garden tour has been booked. 

For more details see the diary page on the WTU3A website.

There are many more reasons why you should Stowe:

  • The Grecian Valley has a wide range of flowers and seasonal interest in the shrubbery
  • In the Eastern Gardens – the Gothic Temple, the Temple of Friendship and the Palladian bridge 
  • At the South Vista is the classic view of Stowe – take in the symmetry of the House, the Lake Pavilions and the majestic Corinthian Arch
  • Stowe house filled with rooms imitating ancient worlds and classical ruins
  • Ceilings and walls decorated with hidden messages and mythology hint at the family’s former power and glory.