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Below are descriptions of current WTU3A groups and activities and where to contact the Group Leaders.  You can also see how many of these are distributed at The WTU3A Month chart.

Should you need to contact any of the group leaders and do not have access to email, please contact the Chairman Chris Bennett, or the Vice Chairman, Simon Evers at the general meeting.

Starting a new group

Anyone belonging to the U3A may start a special interest group which may consist of just a few like-minded people upwards.  Our current groups range from Art to Walking and details can be found in the Activities page.  If you are interested in starting a new group,  full details about running a group at Weston Turville U3A can be found here, but please contact the Groups Liaison Officer in the first instance at

Art Closed – leader required Italian Improvers Closed – leader required
Bird Watching Jazz Appreciation
Book Club 1 Local History Closed – leader required
Book Club 2 Mahjong
Book Club 3 Mexican Train (Dominoes)
Bridge Needlework
Beginners Bridge Closed – leader required Patchwork and Quilting
Canasta Pétanque
Chess Poetry Reading
Christmas Meal Quizzing
Crafts Rummikub
Extreme Visits (paused – leader(s) required) Science and Technology
Extreme re-visits Scrabble
Family History Social Bridge
Flower Arranging Table Tennis
Folk, Blues and Beyond Theatre visits 
Food Appreciation Trips
Gardening Walkers
Garden Visits Wine Appreciation
Grub Club Wine Appreciation 2
Handbells Ringing Wheel Chair Loan
Historic Buildings    

Starting a new group

Anyone belonging to the U3A may start a special interest group which may consist of just a few like-minded people upwards.  Our current groups range from Art to Walking and details can be found in the Activities page.  If you are interested in starting a new group,  full details about running a group at Weston Turville U3A can be found here, but please contact the Groups Liaison Officer in the first instance at


Art – Closed (leader required)

If you would like to re-start this group, please contact the Chairman.


Birdwatching Group

We have field trips once a month, usually on the last Friday morning of the month, we meet at the Aston Clinton Sports & Social Club car park at 9.00am, sort out car sharing and then go to a local site, Tring Reservoirs, College Lake, Wendover Woods etc. We spend between 2 and 3 hours at the site looking for, identifying and discussing the birds we come across.

The group are mostly beginners but there are 2 or 3 more experienced birders.

Anyone with an interest in birds is most welcome. All that required is a pair of binoculars and suitable outdoor clothing.

We have in the past joined with the Aylesbury RSPB Group on coach trips further field.

For further information contact Group Leader Terry Lewis.

Book Club 1

There are now three Book Clubs. Book Club 1 meets on the second Wednesday of each month, from 2 – 4pm at a member’s house. We discuss the book of the month, taken from a list drawn up by the members.  New members welcome. The group leader is Jackie Aggett.

Book Club 2

Book Club 2 meets on the second Wednesday of the month between 2 and 4 p.m. at the group leader’s home. 

This group is presently full and cannot accept new members. The group leader is Rosemary Williams.

Book Club 3

Book Club 3 meets on the first Friday of the month between 10.30am and 12pm. Contact the group leader Gary Standing if you would like to join this group.

Beginners Bridge – Closed

Contact the Chairman for details.

Bridge (Duplicate)

The group meets in St Ann’s Hall in Wendover from 1.30 to 4pm each Friday. This is a social, mixed ability group (but not beginners) who play duplicate bridge.  Contact the Group Leader, Joan Bridges for more information.

Bridge (Social Bridge)

The Social Bridge group meets at 2.00 pm, every Monday (except Bank Holidays) at The Five Bells public house, Weston Turville. Contact the Group Leader, Carol Johnson for more information.


The canasta group meets at 2.30 pm, on the first and third Wednesday’s at The Chandos public house, Weston Turville.

We play the Classic Canasta version of the game which is a form of rummy. It is a mixed ability group with the emphasis on entertainment whilst playing cards!

New members always welcome. Contact the group leader if you wish to join in.


We meet every other Friday lunchtime for chess and refreshment at the Chandos Arms, 1 Main Street, Weston Turville HP22 5RR. No particular ability is required, and every one is welcome. Please contact the group leader for details of the next meeting date or for more information.


We are a small, friendly group who meet on the second Wednesday of the month in the Chapel Hall, Weston Turville from 10.00am – 12.00 to explore a range of different crafts. Our aim is to have “starter” sessions of many different crafts. We hope you will take something home with you from each session – either a completed project or something you can continue (or not!) to work on at home.

The programme for the next year is decided by the members at the December meeting and everyone is given the opportunity to suggest a different craft that they would like to show or try. Guest demonstrators are invited when required and we occasionally organise outings to local craft shows or exhibitions. A full list is published on the U3A Website under diary.

If you would like to join us, please get in touch with the group leader for more information.

Extreme Visits (leader required)

This group is searching for a leader(s) to enable this exciting group to continue.  Contact if you are interested

The Extreme Group aims to provide unusual opportunities to:-

  • Learn a diverse set of new skills ranging from sushi making; Krav Maga; piloting a hovercraft; control a skid; Clay Pigeon Shooting; hunting for fossils in Milton Keynes; bell ringing, day time astronomy or even lock picking.
  • Experience activities or places you may not wish to visit alone or feel might be age-inappropriate, such as, visiting “the IceBar”; a bell foundry, a day at the races, explore Street Art or competing in a simulated 24 hour Nurburgring endurance race event
  • Challenge your limits with events such as Ice Karting, climbing over the O2, White Water Rafting, Abseil the Spinnaker

These may sound far-fetched, ‘Extreme’ even, but that’s the point and the examples are all past or in plan events.  We are always looking to raise the bar and suggestions (even from your bucket list) are always welcome.

If there is no suitable topic, we won’t simply put an event together because there is a monthly/quarterly schedule to work to.  Information about pending activities is available by email, the website and at monthly meetings.

Extreme Re-Visits

It’s Déjà vu all over again – almost literally!

The Extreme Visits team have had a programme of extraordinary activities and are continuing to create more for the future but there is demand for reprising some of past events in their original form, recombined in different ways and/or scaled up or down.

New members and those who just could not get to the original events (and those who could not get enough of it!) will get this opportunity of a reprise … probably with some twists to make it even more interesting/exciting!

Damian Campbell will propose to repeat Extreme visits as above to members and, if taken up, will use the contacts and logistics of the earlier event to build on the U3A’s experience.

Please pass on a description of any of the past events you’d like to be one of the chosen to Damian.

Family History

The Weston Turville U3A Family History group offers a practical approach to researching your ancestors.

It is not formally led but utilises the skills and knowledge of the members to assist you with compiling your own family trees, overcoming those obstacles that occur with most family tree researches and giving advice on recording and storing the information you have found out.

A laptop or tablet with internet connection is an advantage but not essential!

The group meets on the third Thursday at 10 -12.00pm. at 250 Wendover Road, Aylesbury. Contact the group leader for further information.

Flower Arranging

We meet once a month on the second Monday from 2.15pm – 4.30pm at Buckland Village Hall.

Using seasonal flowers we create classic and contemporary floral arrangements.

We welcome beginners and new members to our group.

Folk, Blues and Beyond

This group is aimed at anyone with an enthusiasm for this broad range of music.

The first half hour of each meeting is spent playing recordings of and discussing the music.  During the the rest of the session, we sing and play music together.  We currently have guitars, bass, harmonicas, ukuleles, banjolele, cajon and other percussion, and some people just come and sing.  We have a specially compiled songbook with all the necessary words and chords.  

Meetings are on the third Wednesday of the month, from 10.00am to noon, and they take place at members’ homes.  Numbers are limited but if you are interested please contact the group leader, Paul Fincken, to answer any questions about the group’s activities and the availability of spaces.

Food Appreciation Group

This group organises special lunches, eg: Beaujolais Nouveau and Burns Night, arranging lunch time visits to pubs within the area, as well as look at other “foodie” events to explore. 

Numbers will be limited at each event governed by how many the chosen location can accommodate.  Look out for announcements at general U3A meetings and on the web site as they are usually oversubscribed.

Contact Pam Wilson for details.


This new group starting on Monday 25 September 2023, and then on the fourth Monday of the month at 2pm in The Chapel Hall, School Lane Weston Turville.  There will be no meetings in December or January.

Our aim is to learn from each other, listen to visiting speakers and undertaking visits connected with areas of our interest.  There will be a small charge of £2 at each meeting to pay for hire of the room and any other expenses.  This may increase slightly depending on our activities.  For further information contact Jenny Hunt or Rosemary Williams.

Garden Visits

We will be looking to find many varied examples of different gardens to explore.

These will appeal not just to the garden lover but to the photographer, the flower arranger and the artist.

From early spring to autumn our garden visits will take us to local gardens opening especially for our group and also visit other gardens further afield each chosen on the basis of different seasonal attractions.

Full details may be found in the Diary on the website, announced at general meetings and in the monthly newsletter.

Grub Club

The Grub Club is likely to meet monthly and will be at a variety of venues to include afternoon tea, lunches, evening meals and even breakfast!  This is a PAYG (pay as you go) group, so no payment in advance is needed.  At each meal the venue for the next meeting will be decided upon.  

For further information or to join the Grub Club please email the Group Leader, Annie Edwards.

Handbell Ringers (Beginners)

Started in June 2022, this new Weston Turville u3a group aims to perform, promote and teach Handbell ringing.  You don’t need to read music as we ring by numbers.  The group meets on a Friday morning at 10am every week at the Group Leader’s home.  

For further information and the date of the next meeting, contact the Group Leader John Beer.

Historic Buildings

This group is for those people interested in old buildings, including dwellings, places of work, education and agricultural buildings. Many of the buildings are local and typically a guided tour is arranged, giving access to places which are not normally open to the public.

Transport is arranged through car sharing, and most outings are a half day or less in duration, with some visits arranged with a coach trip and a full day visit.

The proposed visits are circulated by email, newsletter and at the monthly meetings. For further information contact the group leaders.

Italian Improvers – Closed (leader required)

If you would like to re-start this group, please contact the Chairman.

Jazz Appreciation Group

This group meets on the third Wednesday of the month 2.00 to 4.00pm at the group leader’s home.

We explore the development of jazz during the 20th century to date and the profiles of the musicians and bands performing. We select a different subject each month and members can bring their own selection for all to listen to on either CD or cassette.

Contact group leader Pam Wilson for more information.

Local History – Closed (leader required)

If you would like to re-start this group, please contact the Chairman.


The Mahjong Group is actively seeking new members.  We are a mixed ability group, though most of us are relatively new to the game; so whatever your skill level you will be welcome.  

Mahjong is believed to have developed in the Ningpo region of China in the 1870s and in its present form Mahjong is most closely linked to rummy – Sets of 3 or 4 tiles to complete a set common in both games. It has its own terminology and suits. The  rules of play we are following are from the U3A, A Beginners Guide for Playing Mahjong, a copy of which is attached.

This group meets on the first and third Thursday each month between 2pm and 4pm at The Chandos Arms, Weston Turville. There is no charge, however, you are welcome to purchase a drink or coffee etc. from the bar.  Contact the group leader Ken Shaw if you wish to join us.

Mexican Train (Dominoes)

Mexican Train, also known as simply Trains, is a game played with dominoes. The object of the game is for a player to play all the dominoes from his or her hand onto one or more chains, or “trains”, emanating from a central hub or “station”.

This group meets on the second and fourth Wednesday each month at 2pm at The Chandos Arms, Weston Turville.

It is an all ability group, no previous experience required.

Contact the group leader if you wish to join us.


This sociable and friendly group remains as popular as ever. We continue to work on our own projects, many of which have been completed and admired and new ones started.

We meet on the 4th Tuesday of each month from 2.30 – 4.30pm. Please contact Joan Bridges, the group facilitator for meeting details if you wish to attend.

Patchwork & Quilting

We hold our Patchwork & Quilting meetings on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday in the month at Stoke Mandeville Community Centre, Eskdale Road, Stoke Mandeville HP22 5UJ.  The more experienced quilters meet in the morning from 10am-12pm and beginners meet in the afternoon from 2pm–4pm. 

Members of the group make quilts of all sizes – wall hangings, table runners etc. using a sewing machine and modern cutting equipment.

The Group leader is on hand with both groups to provide guidance with individual projects and tuition in the basic skills and technics. The aim of the group is to introduce people to this creative and addictive craft and provide an opportunity to develop a range of skills in a friendly supportive environment.

Displays of work completed by members of the group have been much admired and are a testament to their skills, talent and enthusiasm.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact the group leader Maureen Reeves for more information.

Pétanque (Boules) 

Details for pétanque group sessions:

Every Monday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm (earlier in the Winter months).  Venue is the new pétanque terrain behind Weston Turville Village Hall. Parking is available. 

All the dates are in the diary found here:

If you wish to participate please or wish to know more, please contact the group leader Ken Shaw for more information. Or simply turn up on the day.  

Poetry Reading

The poetry reading group meets once a month on the third Thursday at 2.30 in members houses. 

The way the group works is that a topic is set for the month and members research poems and read them in turn at the meeting. 

You will be introduced to new poetry and new poets in a relaxed atmosphere – the only limit is the imagination of our members. 

If you are interested in joining the group please contact Pauline Martin at the address below. 

Do not be concerned if your accommodation is too small to host the meetings – we have enough members with suitable homes to keep us going.

Quiz Afternoon

This new Quiz afternoon group starts on Friday 22nd September 2023, and then on the fourth Friday of the month from 2.30-4.30pm.  The venue is the Chapel Hall, School Lane, Weston Turville, and intends to be more Egg Heads than University Challenge!  Individuals and couples are welcome so there is no need to get a complete team together.  Questions will suit all levels of knowledge so everyone will be catered for.  More details from the group leader Joy Mantell.


Rummikub is a game based loosely on Rummy (but with a twist).  The group meets every third Tuesday of the month at 14:00 at The Five Bells, Weston Turville.  There is no cost to attend this group, other than The Five Bells ask that we purchase drinks whilst there.   For more details contact the group leader Deborah Brown. 

Science and Technology

The Science and Technology group meets on the first Thursday of each month at 2.30pm in the Chapel Hall unless out and about on a visit.

We aims to explore all areas of the Sciences and the Technologies they support, both present and past through visiting speakers and making visits to places of interest.

Contact the group leader John Beer for more details.


The Scrabble group meets at 09.45am each Wednesday in the Five Bells Public House in Weston Turville.  

There is no charge for attending, but each member is expected to buy a drink during the session for the use of the premises. 

This is a joint group with Scrabble players from Aston Clinton u3a.

Please contact the Group Leader at prior to attending for the first time.

Social Bridge

The Social Bridge group meets at 2.00 pm, every Monday (except Bank Holidays) at The Chandos public house, Weston Turville.  Contact Carol Johnson for more information.

Table Tennis

The Table Tennis Group meet weekly on a Wednesday and Thursday from 2.30 – 4.00pm at Aston Clinton Youth Club, situated adjacent to The Hub, Aston Clinton Park.

Table Tennis offers a lot of fun and exercise and is a game that can be enjoyed at any level and at any age!

Contact the group leader, Paul Fincken, for details and any changes to the schedule.


The Theatre Group aims to provide trips to the theatre to see a wide range of plays, dramas, comedies and musicals. We try to use local theatres (eg in Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Oxford and Milton Keynes) as much as possible, but occasional trips further afield (e.g. London) may also be included.  The dates and costs will vary according to the booking arrangements. 

Trips will be advertised in the monthly Newsletter and on the website.  Please contact the group leader, Melanie Evans for any further details.

Touch Tennis

This is played with short handled racquets and soft tennis ball. Weekly from 2pm to 3pm on Tuesday afternoons at Halton Tennis Club for a maximum of 12 participants per session.

The cost will be £4 per session which includes equipment and court time. This takes place indoors.  Contact the Group leader, Ken Shaw for more information and to join in.

Trips and Tours

The Trips organisers create a variety of sometime eclectic and invariably interesting day-trips throughout the year open to all WTU3A members.

WTU3A members will be notified of planned and finalised trip details through the newsletter and published on the web-site and recorded in the diary.

Sign-up sheets will be available at general meetings.

Alternatively you can contact the group leaders, but in either case part or full payment will probably be required in advance.

Visiting Churches – closed (new leader required)

This group is closing, but is looking for a new group leader.  If you are interested in running this group, please email


The walkers meet on the second Tuesday each month at the Chandos Arms, Weston Turville at 10.00am where transport arrangements for that day’s walk are arranged.

The walks last up to two hours and do include some hill climbing and stiles but we do not walk very fast as we prefer to enjoy the company and the countryside whilst we walk.

A lot of the walks end at a tea spot so we can indulge in suitable refreshment before returning home.

All U3A members are welcome to join us for a walk on an ad-hoc or regular basis and well-mannered dogs can be taken on most walks as well.

It is important to remember we are not ‘ramblers’.

Please contact the group leader for further information or just turn up outside the pub at 10 am on the second Tuesday.


Wine Appreciation

A group for Wine Lovers – come and join like-minded people who want to explore many different wines in different ways. We taste, we talk and hope to include a couple of visits. All associated with wine and the enjoyment thereof!

We taste wines by the grape, by the region or by the country.

Meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of every month between 7.15 & 9.00pm at The Chapel Hall, Weston Turville. Come along and share with us what is a very enjoyable evening. None of us are experts but we all enjoy wine. Contact the group leaders for more information.

Wine Appreciation 2

Our second group for Wine Lovers!

The meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of the month and are held in the Chapel Hall, School Lane, Weston Turville at 7:00 for a 7:15 start and will finish by 9. The meetings are hosted by Eric Foster, who says he’s not an expert, just very good at drinking wine! Actually he’s being rather modest, he has led wine evenings elsewhere, so we’ll be in safe hands!  We will be sampling a variety of wines, with the occasional guest speaker.  The cost is £7 per person.  Please contact the Group Leader Chris Bennett for more information and to join the group.