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Weston Turville U3A Newsletter – November 2017

The final Newsletter of 2017 …

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Flower arranging

6 January, 2018

WT U3A Flower Arranging group

A fabulous and colourful finish to 2017 from the Weston Turville U3A Flower Arranging group.  

Gaynor Edwards.

Larger photos below.   read more …

Local History Group Meetings

6 January, 2018


 WT U3A Local History Group Meetings from January to June 2018 

I have been able to arrange talks and two visits from January through June 2018.  I plan not to have a meeting in July to allow for holidays etc. I hope that there is sufficient variety of topics that you will find interesting.  As usual suggestions for talks/visits etc are very welcome. 

Glynn White.

Meetings are posted in the Diary and detailed below:

Tuesday 23rd January 2018 – “The famous Aylesbury Duck and the not so famous Aylesbury Prune”
Tuesday 27th February 2018 – “The development of British plastic surgery – and the important role of local hospitals”
Tuesday 27th March 2018 – “Archaeological Findings from the Proposed Developments around Weston Turville”
Tuesday 17th April 2018 – visit to the London Transport Museum at Acton
Tuesday 22nd May 2018 – “The History of Pinewood Studios”
Tuesday 26th June 2018 – visit to the Kraft Village at High Wycombe

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Science & Technology Events …

26 October, 2017

John Beer has been very active setting up Science & Technology group visits and meetings for the next few months.


* November 2nd – ‘History of Fireworks’  Colin Tufnell (Aston Clinton U3A Sci and Tech group). He will talk to us about fireworks – including a demonstration of fusing as part of the talk. That should go with a bang!
* December 7th – a member of Tring U3A Sci and Tech group will explain to us the development of the Bar code.
* January 4th – no meeting.
* February 1st – ‘Why Things Move’. Paul Brown of ATG will explain!  This will be interesting, quirky and enjoyable.
  * March 7th (yes, a Wednesday!) – a morning trip to the Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury for a behind the scenes look at the equipment and arrangement for a stage production.
  * April ?? – tentative arrangements to join with other groups for a trip to a transport Museum in London. Details will follow.

Other events/trips are being investigated, details will follow.

If you are interested in any of the trips or learning more about the S&T meetings please contact John Beer by e-Mail ( or at a U3A meeting.

Christmas Lunch – Pendley Manor – 15th December

14 October, 2017

FINAL CHANCE TO BOOK as reservations close on 31st October 2017. 

There are still spaces available. 

Cost is £28 per head. 

To reserve your place contact: Mary Duly at

Soft Tennis with Wendover U3A – too successful!

29 September, 2017

There seems to be a great demand for  the Soft Tennis experience with Wendover U3A at Halton Tennis club of which Lindsay Smith, the activity coordinator, sadly reports that the numbers who have applied just about exceeds the number of players as they can currently cope with!

The group may be able to support more members in the future and this will be posted on this site as before.




Local History Group Meetings

25 September, 2017

WT U3A Local History Group Meetings – September 2017 to February 2018

Now that summer is officially over we are back to talks at the WT Chapel Rooms on the 4th Tuesday of each month. I hope that you have all had a good summer with holidays and no doubt grandchildren duties. With regards to the forward programme I have talks arranged through February 2018 (what? another year will have gone by!) and I hope that there is sufficient variety of topics that you will find interesting.

Glyn White.

Meetings are posted in the Diary and detailed below

Tuesday 26th Sep 2017 – “Amy Johnson,  ‘ The Aeroplane Girl”
Tuesday 24th Oct 2017 “Claydon House and the Verney family”
Tuesday 28th Nov 2017 – “Shops and Shopkeepers of Princes Risborough”
Tuesday 26th Dec 2017 – No Meeting
Tuesday 23rd Jan 2018 – “The famous Aylesbury Duck and the not so famous Aylesbury Prune”
Tuesday 27rd Feb 2018 – “Archaeological Findings from the Proposed Developments around Weston Turville”

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Weston Turville U3A Newsletter – September 2017

24 September, 2017

Read the latest newsletter

Wendover Architecture Group Update

27 July, 2017

 The lead convenor of Wendover’s architecture group, Helen Horlock, would like to advise Weston Turville U3A members who are interest in that group of some changes to the way the group operates.

Meetings are in Weston Turville at the Union Chapel hall and the Architecture Group pages on Wendover’s U3A website give information about  visits/lectures/meeting format etc. We are invited to view the web page and have a look at what they are doing!
Although the group is fairly full at present,  there are a few spaces and are happy to accommodate anyone who may be interested in joining their friendly and active study group.

Here is a direct link to the Wendover Architecture Group webpage

Extreme Visits – Coracle Regatta – August 28th

19 May, 2017

This is not to watch, quaint though it might be. It’s not to learn, well not entirely. It’s to take part in a challenge between Weston Turville U3A and Bath U3A as a one hour event at the Ironbridge Coracle Trust’s annual Regatta on August 28th!

There will be instruction – all of 1 minute it is understood – so it should be quite a spectacle.

The price would be £20, £10 to the Trust plus £10 to a Cancer charity. read more …