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Useful Info

Here are some links to general information that some of our members may find useful, along with details of the WTU3A Recommended Tradespeople information.

WTU3A Recommended Tradespeople 

This is useful information for WTU3A members who may be looking for a recommended tradesperson to do a particular job.  


Keep connected – It’s good to talk! 

Video calling has taken on special significance in 2020, but which service is right for you to stay in touch with your friends and family?    Here is a run down of the technology available, courtesy of a recent article in the Third Age Matter magazine (Summer 2020 issue).  

Health – Drink more water!  Good advice for the over 60’s.

“Drink a glass of water and share”  Image
by thenext28days is licensed under CC BY 2.0



National Insurance number Scam

Action Fraud have reported many victims receiving an automated telephone call telling them their “National Insurance number has been compromised” and in order to fix this and get a new number, the victim needs to “press 1 on their handset to be connected to the caller”.

Keeping your money safe 

Keep yourself, friends and family aware and avoid the risk of being a victim of a scam/fraud during the coronavirus lockdown and afterwards. 



Courier Fraud – Thames Valley Police advise you how to protect yourself from Courier Fraud

Scams – Thames Valley Police – book of scams.

Cyber scams – Thames
Valley Police book of cyber scams.


Banking and Pension Fraud – Thames Valley Police advise you on how to be aware of potential fraud.

Report Phishing emails:  You can now report suspicious Phishing emails to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS) at

Martin Lewis – Stop Scams and phishing

TV Licensing Scam


On-line shopping safety – Thames Valley Police advise you how to be aware of on-line shopping scams.


Home Fire Risk Check – FREE basic assessment of the fire risks in your home and any alarms the Fire Service provide and fit during that check, are entirely FREE.

Thames Water
– Water saving freebies!

Free OpenLearn Courses – Produced by The Open University, a world leader in open and distance learning, all OpenLearn courses are free to study.

M.O.T. Reminder – sign up for a reminder when your MOT is due. 


Railcards – Railcards allow you to purchase a train ticket at a reduced rate, typically 1/3 off the price of an adult fare.

Priority Services Register (Gas & Electricity) – Get extra support from your energy supplier.


 Aylesbury Waterside – ATG Theatre Card – Various discounts available for ATG membership card holders.


Mature Drivers Free On-line Course   Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) is promoting safety awareness for older drivers.  To support mature drivers and their families, TfB has developed an online e-learning module. The module contains all the information you need to retain independence and continue driving safely for as long as possible and can be accessed via


Older Drivers Forum – The Older Drivers Forum is about keeping mature motorists on the road safely for longer.


NHS Live Well Stay Well is a free service if you live in Buckinghamshire or have a Buckinghamshire GP.  Visit or call 01628 857311. 


The Bucks Older Peoples Action Group (BOPAG) is an independent, non-political, voluntary organisation made up of representatives from groups around the county and interested individuals

Their core message is Positive Ageing and through their directory, they can help provide older people with information which supports them to lead healthy, active and independent lives, consult with older people, find out what their issues are, and then do something about resolving those issues.


Are you looking after someone who cannot manage without you because they are ill, frail or have a disability?  

Visit   Contact: Phone 0300 777 2722 or email


If you have any other useful contact information to add to the above list that may be of interest to our members, please let us know at