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WTU3A Newsletter – August 2018

19 August, 2018


All the news from the groups and a date for your diary…….
dare I mention it…..
yes it’s Christmas Lunch!!🎄🎄.  

All the details are in August’s Newsletter.   Read it here.  

Also, members may find this of interest.  Do you have broken or unwanted devices and don’t know what to do with them? Why not recycle them with Gadget Rehab? Full details below.

Our speaker this month will be Gareth Edwards who gave a very well-received talk to our Science & Technology Group last year. That talk was on the History of Photography. His new one is titled “Some confusions of Science and Art” which he explains as :-

“ Today, science and art are often seen to be separate, even opposite, but in the past both were considered part of our general curiosity.  My talk will explore the overlap between science and art through some examples of the importance of imagination in major scientific breakthroughs. We will also see how technology has given artists the tools to express themselves more effectively throughout history.  Also, if you thought that the primary colours were red, blue and yellow, you will have to think again!”



Do you have broken or unwanted devices sitting in your draw. Why not recycle them with Gadget Rehab?

As signatories of the eSap 2025 programme, Gadget Rehab are dedicated to reducing Electronic, and Electrical Equipment Waste (WEEE).  As part of our commitment we aim to reduce electrical and electronic waste within our local Buckinghamshire area by using our resources to recycling up to 10,000 local devices per annum and increasing this by 25% every year up to 2025. This would amount to a total of 59,600 devices recycled and would have a huge impact on the local environment.
We want your help!
With our expertise being in Smartphone, Laptops, Tablets and Console repairs we ask for you to raid your draws and cupboards for any unwanted or broken devices that you would like to recycle with us. In most cases you will receive a competitive payment for your trade in although we are happy to take in free donations 🙂
If you have no devices yourself then please tell a friend and share this article with your contacts to help us towards our positive goal. 
Our promise to you:
  • All Data Securely Wiped.
  • Payments will be made promptly (in most cases within 3 working days)
  • You will receive a competitive price for your device.
  • You will receive the 5 star Gadget Rehab service throughout.
  • Best National Payout for Broken Devices (Based on www.sellmymobile.co.uk)
  • We will provide you with a repair estimate prior to recycling your device. 
How to recycle:
Online: Simply complete our no obligation trade in form by clicking here: www.gadgetrehab.co.uk/trade-in
Phone: 01494 534 008

We Look Forward To Hearing From You!