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WTU3A March 2020 Newsletter

20 March, 2020


The March newsletter is available to read here and sadly, as mentioned above, most of it concerns the shutting down of our activities until 1st July due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Just a little more detail on some of the cancelled events:

Shard Bard Bishops and Brothels: The proposed trip to London in April is obviously one of the cancelled events.  No money has been paid or cheques cashed at this time and will be shredded unless you contact Mandi on to advise otherwise. 

IOW Trip: There’s bad news and good news; as you might imagine the trip to the Isle of Wight this June is not going ahead.  The good news is that we’ve arranged that it WILL go ahead the same weekend next year; It is now departing on Friday 11th June 2021, all the arrangements and trips will be exactly the same. The cheques that you have all written recently for the balance have not been banked and will be shredded. This time next year we will ask again for the balance payments. Please put this in your diary if you had booked and hopefully you will be able to make the new date. Please contact Arlene at if you have any queries.

Science & Technology:  Now re-arranged for Tuesday 3rd November. We hope that those booked are all still keen to go on this rescheduled visit. Please let John Beer know if that is not the case. Also cancelled are the trips to the Steam Museum and Duxford. As far as your cheques for any of the trips before 1st July are concerned they have not yet been banked and will be shredded unless you let John Beer know as soon as possible at    The trips to Silverstone and the BMW factory are still in place at this time, but may change as time goes on.
Grub Club:  This was a new group started after interest was shown by those attending the February general meeting, and was about to be announced to all WTU3A members before the recent events escalated.  Grub Club is likely to meet every 2-3 weeks and will be at a variety of venues to include afternoon tea, lunches, evening meals and even breakfast!  This is a PAYG (pay as you go) group, so no payment in advance is needed.  At each meal the venue for the next meeting will be decided upon.  
The Group Leader Annie Edwards would like to thank all who came to the first Grub Club lunch on Friday 13th March and as that will be the first and last meeting for quite a while, if you would like to put your name down on the list for when the Grub Club is able to restart, please email Annie at  
Thames Valley Network U3A: All Study Days and meetings have been postponed and will be re-scheduled as soon as is practical and possible.  Cheques received for the Geology study day on 29th May will now be shredded. This will be re-arranged when possible.