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Philosophy (Discussion) Group

29 November, 2019

Our Philosophy Discussion Group now has two places available.   If you are interested in more information, or would like to join, please contact Michael Conolly at discussion@wtu3a.org.uk

The group meets on the third Friday of the month between 10.30 and 12.30.

Please see below the meeting dates and discussion topics for 2020:

17th January   Should population be controlled? Are there too many people in the world?
21st February Security or Freedom. Can you have both?
20th March Should rules be broken?
17th April What is Freedom?
15th May Marriage
19th June What is Justice?
17th July Is the surrogation (of babies) for money a moral issue?
21st August Should Adult Education be for everybody?
18th September What should citizenship be about?
16th October Tbc
20th November Tbc

Future DiscussionTopics for 2020-21

  • What is virtue?
  • Is there something within the individual that is ageless?
  • Should there be censorship?
  • What is Contentment? Is it different from Satisfaction or Happiness? 
  • What is the function of incarceration? Is it punishment, whatever that is? 
  • What is Nature?