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National u3a Newsletter – ☔️January 2021 ☔️

26 January, 2021

Welcome to the 40th edition of the u3a newsletter!  

The ☔️January 2021 ☔️ newsletter announces the first u3a Day which is taking place on Wednesday 2 June 2021, and highlights the next u3a radio podcast (episode 4).  There are also details on Subject Advice events for Chess and Bridge.  Other events taking place can be found on the events page.  Check the website regularly for up-to-date news, tutorials and events.

Ongoing initiatives are continuing so have a look at our learning pages to see everything that you can get involved in.

For previous editions of the national newsletter, see the newsletter archive.  Did you know that you can sign up to receive the national u3a monthly newsletter direct to your email inbox?  If you wish to do this, please complete the form on the U3A website here.