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Update – Brandenburg Traditional Christmas Concerts – online!

1 December, 2020

UPDATE!!! – 06.12.20
As some WTu3a members attended their past concert in London, you are probably, all too painfully, aware Choral Concerts are definitely not on the menu at the moment.  

So as an alternative, Brandenburg Choral Festival of London are offering an online version of the hugely popular Brandenburg Traditional Christmas Concerts.  

UPDATE!!! u3a Thames Valley Network have now been offered a special opportunity to attend the virtual concert at a reduced price of £5 (instead of £10). Please note, this is a concert of primarily Christmas music and not a Carol Service and the cost is per device not per person. 

Details are on the flyer.  If you are interested please complete and return the application form as soon as possible. 

Below are dropbox links to the two choirs performing.  In the events on 16th and 17th December they will be playing them from their system which gives a better reproduction.  Here are the two examples.

Brandenburg Camino Choir (large) example is HERE

St Bartholomew the Great example is HERE