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WTU3A October 2020 Newsletter

18 October, 2020

The October newsletter is now available.  Read it in full here

Eric Jackson is our Speaker for our next virtual General Meeting via Zoom on 22nd October.  The talk is about The Gunpowder Plot. 

“Remember remember the 5th of November, gunpowder treason and plot” – but what do we really know about the events of 1605 that created our modern bonfire night celebrations? This talk details the background as to why dissident factions sought to assassinate King James I and the entire British establishment by blowing up Parliament during the State Opening. It tells who the conspirators were and why the plot failed; how the plotters were caught and what their ultimate fate was. Could the plot have succeeded? The talk examines a modern-day re-construction of the planned explosion and what the result would have been.  

Our talk at the September meeting was about a Yoga journey and so this short video (with thanks to Chiltern U3A) is an amusing watch!