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WTu3a Newsletter – November 2023

25 November, 2023
The is now available!


Our newsletter for November has now been published, and includes news of what is happening in the groups.  Read all the rest of news here.  

The next general meeting is on Thursday 30th November which along with mulled wine and mince pies, there will be Christmas Entertainment with of a feast of anecdotes and music on a seasonal theme.  

There is no General Meeting in December, so we will return in 2024 on the 25th January with a talk entitled The History of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane by Pete Allen.

Defibrillator Training:  After a show of hands at the last meeting proved this would be something many of you would be interested in attending, a couple of sessions consisting of a talk and a defibrillator demo are currently in the planning stage.   More details to follow.

Our Speaker Secretary, Carol Johnson, has booked Speakers into the new year, so click the link here to see details of Speakers planned for our General Meetings at the Rugby Club until November 2024.


If you like saving a bob or two, especially with Christmas looming large, take a look at the u3a Click & Save.  Click here or on the tab on the menu above for more information.