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Science and Technology

4 November, 2019

The programme of events planned for the Science & Technology group until December and into 2020 can be found below.  Some of these venues are still to be confirmed but detailed information sheets will be produced once plans are finalised.

If you would like to book your place or have any other questions please contact John Beer or Roger Everson at

7th November

Talk – ‘An exploration of Fusion technology’
(start 2.30pm)

14th November

Workshop – Excel spreadsheets for finances

5th December

Talk – ‘Concorde – The Beginning and the End’

2nd January


6th February

Talk – ‘Electricity is Wonderful – a history and examination of its advantages.’ (Start 2.30pm)

5th March

Trip (tbc)  – ‘Wellcome Collection, Museum and Library’ in Euston Rd, London  

2nd April

Visit (tbc) – Milton Keynes Museum (in conjunction with the Local History group)

7th May

Trip (tbc) – ‘Steam – The museum of Great Weston Railway’ at Swindon.

4th June

Trip (tbc) – RAF Duxford the Aircraft Museum in Cambridgeshire. 

2nd July 


6th August


3rd September

Visit (tbc) – the new Museum at Silverstone

1st October

Visit (tbc) – the BMW Factory

Below are further details on the events planned:
November 7th – Talk by Robert Woodford from Wendover, who will be talking about ‘an exploration Fusion technology’, the technique of possible unlimited energy which the UK is in the forefront of development. 2.30pm in Weston Turville Chapel Hall. 
November 14th – Workshop on ‘Use of Spreadsheets for your finances’.  Paul Brown is  leading this starting at 2pm.  There are places available.  
December 5th – Talk by Gwyn Williams on ‘Concorde – The Beginning and the End’. 2.30pm in Weston Turville Chapel Hall.
Roger and John have been busy planning next years program and the following is their plan to date, although a number of the trips cannot be confirmed either until the New Year or for other reasons.
There will not be a meeting in January.
February 6th – we will start with a talk by Alex Paterson on ‘Electricity is Wonderful – a History and examination of its advantages’.  This will be in the Chapel Hall at 2-30.
March 5th – we are to take a coach trip up to London to the ‘Welcome Collection, Museum and Library’ in Euston Road.  There are two permanent exhibitions on Health and Genetics.  This will be a whole day visit.
April 2nd – we hope to visit the Milton Keynes Museum which has an interesting location, artefacts and a telephone museum with working exchange.  This may be in conjunction with the Local History group as we hope to have the museum opened especially for us.  This will be a whole day visit
May 7th – we are to visit ‘Steam – The museum of the Great Western Railway’ at Swindon.  This will be by coach and will take up the day.
June 4th – we are planning a day out to RAF Duxford the Aircraft Museum in Cambridgeshire. We plan on having a coach to take us.
July 2nd and August 6th are unplanned.
September 3rd – we hope to visit the new Museum at Silverstone which is to open soon.
The remainder of the year is unplanned.