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WTU3A Local History Group – March to August 2019

6 March, 2019

Hopefully you enjoyed the first 2 talks of 2019 and will find something to interest you in the forthcoming programme. Full details can be found below. 

One of the many lessons I have learnt in putting together the programme for the group over the past years has been that if you have a good speaker ask them back to give other talks. In August 2018 we had a talk from Bernie Knill on the role of Hughenden in the Second World War.  I have been in touch with him and he has agreed to give us a talk on the “History of Hughenden Manor”.  I am sure many of you have been to Hughenden Manor but a talk on the subject will increase our understanding of its history. We can follow this talk up with a guided tour of the Manor and its grounds later in the year.  Meeting is in the WT Chapel Room from 10.30am – 12.30pm.  Entrance will be £3.

I was kindly given the name of John Hockey after he had given talk to the Aylesbury National Trust. The topic concerns heraldry and John has told me that the talk contains a little about the history of heraldry but mainly is about what you can learn from studying a coat of arms (specifically a funeral hatchment – much more interesting than it sounds!). He will then go on to explore lots of other aspects of heraldry along with a few quirky examples. It ends with some heraldry to be found at Ashridge House where the Egerton and other families lived.

“Aspects of Heraldry”by John Hockey.


Meeting is in the WT Chapel Room from 10:30 – 12:30am. Entrance will £3.

I have had some email correspondence with Marlow History Group, and they are willing to provide a guided walk around the historical parts of the town. Having been to Marlow on many occasions it will be an ideal opportunity to find out more about its history and some of the older buildings. They have said they will have 3 guides and so we can have 3 groups of 10 people. I put a sheet out at the February meeting and the uptake has been great and we are nearly full. We may be able to squeeze in one or 2 extra per group so if you have not expressed interest let me know.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CORRECT DATE IS TUESDAY 28THMAY not 22nd as previously advertised. If you signed up but are now not able to make the 28thMay please let me know. I will provide details of meeting place in WT and Marlow, for those who go direct, at the March meeting.

“Guided Walk around Historical Marlow” with Geoff Wood.

The cost will be £2.50 which is payable on the day.

At the March meeting I asked if people would be interested in going to the Pitstone Museum. They have revamped the museum and increased the number of exhibits. There is also an excellent website if you wish to have a look for yourselves. . They do open for groups and I am exploring a visit on this day. The cost would be £6 per head to include coffee and biscuits and they can take up to 40 people. Further details as I get them.   



I have earmarked this down for a guided tour of Hughenden Manor and Gardens. I will be arranging details with Bernie Knill at our March meeting. So, watch this space.