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Local History – March to June

12 March, 2020

UPDATE 16.03.20 – Following the Prime Ministers news conference on the coronavirus and the recommendation of avoiding gatherings, crowded places etc. This is particularly directed at our group’s demographic. Therefore, the decision is to cancel all meetings of the WT Local History Group up to and including June 2020. There are no meetings planned for July and August but hopefully the situation will get better and we can resume in September.

Any suggestions for talks or visits for later in 2020 are welcome, please contact

A talk by Geoff Lodge of the Wendover U3A entitled: The life of Cecelia Payne. Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin, original name in full Cecilia Helena Payne, (born May 10, 1900, Wendover, Eng.—died Dec. 7, 1979, Cambridge, Mass., U.S.). She went to Cambridge Uni in 1919 and in 1923 received a fellowship to study at Harvard. She is reckoned to be amongst the 100 women trailer blazers.

British-born American astronomer who discovered that stars are made mainly of hydrogen and helium and established that stars could be classified according to their temperatures.

Meeting is in the WT Chapel Room from 10:30 – 12:30am. Entrance will be £3.

In conjunction with the Science & Technology Group we have arranged a visit the Milton Keynes Museum which has an interesting location and artefacts. 

The Collection contains: Connected Earth featuring the history of communications and a fully working telephone exchange, Farm exhibits, A street of shops, A Victorian house containing Musical instruments, a Victorian school, Local Archaeological artefacts, The history of Dr John Radcliffe and the trust he set up.

Entry for over 60’s £7, Standard lunch £8 = Total fee £15.The museum is open just for us on this day so we have free range to explore as we wish.

This will be a whole day visit and we will car share.

Meet at 5 Bells at 9.30am to share cars to arrive at 10.30am for Tea and coffee available at café. 11.00am start tour of site, stop for lunch at 12.30pm after which continue to explore exhibits as you wish. Return at approx. 3.00pm.

Details of times and costs are in the attached flyer.

Update – Booking for this is now complete and if you have not paid please send a cheque to John Beer.

Colin Oakes, who gave the talk on Chesham, is back to give us a talk on the history of Amersham.

Meeting is in the WT Chapel Room from 10:30 – 12:30am. Entrance will be £3.

To follow up on Colin’s talk, a visit to Amersham museum and a walk through the old town has been arranged. They can manage 30 people in 2 groups of 15. The plan would be to meet at the museum for tea/coffee etc at 10:15am. Then for group 1 to go off at 10:30am and group 2 at 10:40am. The walk lasts 60 -90 minutes.  The museum is then open for the whole day so people can either go to the museum straight after the walk or have a bite to eat and then go to the museum. Museum has been expanded since our last visit some 8 years ago.

The cost will be £10 to include the walk and the visit to the museum with an extra £2 if you wish to have tea/coffee etc.

This visit is now full.  To all those who have signed up, information will be coming out in the next couple of weeks.

Note that this is not our normal Tuesday date as it is the second Tuesday of the month. This is a Visiting Churches Group visit to Rycote Park. As they can accommodate up to 40 people it was suggested that many of the Local History Group would like to go.

The Rycote Park area is very historical and has had the Time Team there.  On 9th June we will meet at a barn for a 2pm talk & refreshments then we will go for a walk around the park & go into the chapel.  The chapel is 15th century with many intriguing features but it is small.  There’s a yew tree to the south of the chapel which was planted in 1135 for the coronation of King Stephen.  It was supposed to have been brought as a seedling from the garden of Gethsemane.  The cost is £12 and a cheque made payable to Weston Turville U3A (Travel) to Odette Harris will be needed by the meeting on 28th May. 

If you would like to come along, please Glynn White know and he will put together a list of Local History Group members and liaise with the Visiting Churches Group. For those of our group who want to come along we will meet in the 5 Bells Carpark at 1pm for carshare.

We are investigating the possibility of Thame U3A providing a talk on the History of Thame, and we are waiting to hear if  they have someone who could meet our requirements.

If this fails Glynn White may present a slide show of old postcards of Weston Turville with photographs of the building and places as they are today.

No meeting planned.


No meeting planned.