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Local History Group – September to December

8 September, 2019

We have now finished our visits for 2019, and have finalised the series of talks for the remaining months of the year.

Full details of the programme to December is shown below and as always, do not forget that if you have an idea for a speaker, please contact Glynn White at  

Colin Oakes will give a talk on ‘Chesham – Boots, Brushes, Booze and Baptists’.  For those of you that have not heard Colin speak before, he is an excellent and amusing speaker.

Meeting is in the WT Chapel Room from 10:30 – 12:30am. Entrance will be £3.

Glynn White will give a talk entitled ‘The Public Houses and Alehouses of Weston Turville until 1918’.  

The talk will cover not only their location in the village but also their owners/tenants and some of the occupations that the landlords/ladies also had.  

Meeting is in the WT Chapel Room from 10.30 – 12.30pm.  Entrance fee will be free.

Bob Keating will be giving a talk entitled: ‘The Rothschilds and the building of Waddesdon’. Many of us have been to Waddesdon and it will be interesting to hear more about the Rothschilds and why Waddesdon Manor was built and much of the history behind it.  

Meeting is in the WT Chapel Room from 10:30 – 12:30pm.  Entrance will be £3.