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Local History Group – October ’18 to March ’19

11 October, 2018

WTU3A Local History Group Meetings from October 2018 to March 2019

Here is a reminder of the Local History meetings schedule to the end of the year and up to March 2019. As usual, suggestions for talks/visits etc are very welcome.  Please contact Glynn White at

Meetings are posted in the Diary and detailed below:

Tuesday 23rd October “Aylesbury – recent history and lost heritage”
Tuesday 27th November “I’m not really old, it’s those tablets”
Tuesday 25th December No meeting (Christmas Day)
Tuesday 22nd January 2019 “The Art of metal detecting”
Tuesday 26th February 2019 “The Battle at Chalgrove Field”
Tuesday 26th March 2019 “The History of Hugenden Manor”

I hope that you are all enjoyed the hot weather in the summer and what is now a real “Indian Summer”. Trips are over for the time being and have been getting down to organising meetings for next year. I now have speakers for the first 3 months of 2019 and also organising a guided walk through the historical parts of Marlow (more on that soon). This newsletter is to confirm the meetings for the rest of 2018 and early 2019 which I hope you will find of interest. Please note the talk in February will start at 10:00am as the speaker is giving a talk near St Albans in the afternoon. Any suggestions for other speakers or visits are most welcome. 

Tuesday 23rd October 2018 

I have been mindful that in the years that I have been running the Local History Group we have only had one talk on Aylesbury. I have contacted the Aylesbury Society and Roger King has agreed to give us a talk on “Aylesbury – recent history and lost heritage”. 

I am also looking to arrange a historical walk around Aylesbury from a list of: Town Centre, Canal & Walton or Bierton & Quarrendon Leas 

Meeting is in the WT Chapel Room from 10:30 – 12:30am. Entrance will £3. 

Tuesday 27th November 2018 

Although not strictly history I have invited Hugh Granger back to give us one of his interesting talks. The title of the talk is “I’m not really old, it’s those tablets”. 

His talks are usually very amusing, and I am sure he will again entertain us. 

Meeting is in the WT Chapel Room from 10:30 – 12:30am. Entrance will £3. 

Tuesday 25th December 2018 

No Meeting unless you have nothing better to do. 

Tuesday 22nd January 2019 

One of our U3A members, Paul Brown, is a metal detectorist and has agreed to give us a talk on the art of metal detecting. The talk will include, looking at the equipment, the legal requirements, the process and some of his interesting finds. The title of the talk is “The art of metal detecting”. Paul has given talks to the Science and Technology Group and is an excellent speaker and I am sure you will find his talk very interesting and informative. 

Meeting is in the WT Chapel Room from 10:30 – 12:30am. Entrance will £3. 

Tuesday 26th February 2019 

Following Mike Payne’s excellent talks on Princes Risborough and Pinewood studios I have asked him back to give a talk on “The Battle at Chalgrove Field”. 

This is not just the story of the Battle of Chalgrove Field, fought in June 1643, during the English Civil War, but also the story surrounding it. With the help of some photos the route taken towards Chalgrove by the Cavaliers and Roundheads will be retraced and look into the reasons why the battle happened in the first place. With some unusual incidents and quirky 

facts recounted it makes for a fascinating look at a time when England was in the grip of a Civil War and yet many of the population knew very little about it. 

Meeting is in the WT Chapel Room from 10:00 – 12:00am. Entrance will £3. 

Tuesday 26th March 2019 

One of the many lessons I have learnt in putting together the programme for the group over the past years has been that if you have a good speaker ask them back to give other talks. In August of this years we had a talk from Bernie Knill on the role of Hughenden in the Second World War. 

I have been in touch with him and he has agreed to give us a talk on the “History of Hughenden Manor”. I am sure many of you have been to Hughenden Manor but a talk on the subject will increase our understanding of its history. We can follow this talk up with a guided tour of the Manor and its grounds later in the year. 

Meeting is in the WT Chapel Room from 10:30 – 12:30am. Entrance will £3. 

Kind Regards: Glynn