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National u3a Newsletter – 🌦May 2021🌦

24 May, 2021

The ūüƶMay 2021ūüƶ¬†newsletter includes:

This month’s u3a radio podcast highlights the writing talent with a focus on Poetry, Prose and Plays.

Remember to check the website regularly for the latest news, tutorials and events.  There are a number of online learning events, to get involved in on our online events page.   Here is a sample: 

Marine Wildlife with Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust
Monday 7 June, 10.30 am

A talk about the amazing marine species and habitats in the seas around the UK, the pressures they face, and how to get involved in protecting their future.

An Introduction to Climate Change
Friday 11 June, 10.30 am

This presentation explains what climate change is, the steps that are being taken to reduce damaging emissions and what role we all can play to protect the planet.

Live Cookery Demonstration – Al Fresco Food
Monday 21 June, 10.30 am 

In this latest event with Chef Alex from ‚ÄėVegetarian for Life‚Äô, he will be showing us how to make¬†a smoky aubergine soup, mushroom chestnut burgers with sweet potato fries and to finish, a traditional Austrian apricot cake. Not only are all these recipes delicious, they are also all vegan.

Ongoing initiatives are continuing so have a look at our learning pages to see everything that you can get involved in. 

For previous editions of the national newsletter, see the newsletter archive.  Did you know that you can sign up to receive the national u3a monthly newsletter direct to your email inbox?  If you wish to do this, please complete the form on the U3A website here

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