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Trip to Charterhouse in London – 4th April

28 January, 2018

The long awaited day trip to Charterhouse in London has now been arranged.  It is on Wednesday 4th April and the cost will be £42 (TBC). A £15 deposit is required to secure your place as there is a restriction on numbers.

I have combined this ‘Brothers tour’ of Charterhouse (first opened in 1348) with a guided tour called ‘Faith, Hope & Charity’ which tells the story of philanthropy in London from the monastic dole to the alms-houses and the rise of the Victorian philanthropists and hear of a panoply of philanthropists including George Peabody, Dr. Barnardo, Fred Charrington and General Booth. Charitable work was a rare way for middle class women, especially in the nineteenth century to undertake useful and challenging work so we also learn about Clara Grant’s Farthing Bundles and the prison work of the Quaker Elizabeth Fry.

We stop for lunch at Smithfield’s where there is a selection of eating establishments before starting the tour of Charterhouse. Home by teatime!

Note: there is no food or drink included in this trip so either bring your own or purchase at cafes or pubs in Smithfield’s. The price includes return coach trip, guided tour by blue badge guide and guided tour at Charterhouse.  Contact:  Mandi Simons at