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Science & Technology Events

28 January, 2018


Here is the programme of events planned for the Science & Technology group from February – May.  

If you are interested in any of the trips or learning more about the S&T meetings please contact Roger Everson at ( or at a U3A meeting.


Thursday – 1st February 

Talk by Paul Brown who will examine the question ‘Why things move’. This promises to be quirky take on the physics of movement and force.

Wednesday – 7th March
(Group 1)

Waterside Theatre – behind the scenes tour.

Tuesday  – 13th March
(Group 2)

Waterside Theatre – behind the scenes tour.
Thursday – 17th April London Transport Museum, Acton.  The Depot houses over 320,000 items of all types, including many original works of art used for the Museum’s celebrated poster collection, vehicles, signs, models, photographs, engineering drawings and uniforms.

Thursday – 3rd May 

On-line Safety for Silver Surfers – talk by McAfee.