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Science and Technology

22 May, 2018


June 7th will be the planned trip to the Royal Observatory, The Maritime Museum and Cutty Sark in Greenwich.   The cost is £31 which includes entrance to museums and coach fare.  There are about 10 places still available. We plan to leave at 8.30am and return around 5.30pm.  For those who are troubled by the thought of the hill, we plan to start at the top at The Royal Observatory and work our way down to the Cutty Sark and Maritime Museum.  If you have any other questions please contact John Beer or Roger Everson at

Thursday – 7th June

Visit to Royal Observatory, Cutty Sark and Maritime Museums in Greenwich, London. 
Thursday – 5th July Talk by member of Aston Clinton U3A
Thursday – 2nd August Course on Microsoft Office Programs – Paul Brown (Powerpoint in particular) 
Wednesday – 5th Sept Visit to Shuttleworth Museum, Bedfordshire
Tuesday – 2nd October Visit to Music Museum at Brentford
Thursday – 1st November Visit to Postal Museum in London
Thursday – 6th December Talk by Paul Brown – Why things move Part 2

For the July 5 and August 2 dates we have planned a talk by a member of Aston Clinton and possibly a course on the Office programs. In particular Powerpoint which I hope will be lead by Paul Brown (remember his lecture). Please let us know if you are interested in the course and any aspect of office in particular.

Sept 5 – Note a Wednesday. We have booked a visit to the Shuttleworth museum and gardens.  For the Shuttleworth Roger has just booked entrance to the Collection and two guides (max 18 per guide). If 24 people go that works out at £11.50 each! The tour lasts 2.5 hours.  The café and gardens are available afterwards for those who want to use/see them. We plan to use own transport to get there.

October 2 – Note a Tuesday. I have booked a visit to the Music Museum at Brentford. Nominal charge will be £8.50 which includes a guided tour and operation of some instruments. We plan to arrive at 12-00 midday for a 1-00 tour. We are planning own transport to get there.

November 1st – We have planned a visit to the Postal Museum in London. For this we need to know definite numbers before we can book as we will need to make payment two weeks after we book. It includes a ride on the train that used to transport mail bags between centres around London. There are some restrictions on who can be allowed on the train in the case of it breaking down.  Group price is £13.50 plus transport cost to get there.  Could be coach, could be via train and tube. see We will be allocated a time for the train and will have to work the visit around this time. Total time for visit estimated at 2 to 3 Hours.

December 6 – We are hoping that Paul will give us part two of his Why things move lecture but in any event we will corner him for a talk

I know this is a lot to take in but the sooner we know the numbers for these events we can determine costs and finalise the details.  

Many thanks

John Beer