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Extreme Visits – Coracle Regatta – August 28th

19 May, 2017

This is not to watch, quaint though it might be. It’s not to learn, well not entirely. It’s to take part in a challenge between Weston Turville U3A and Bath U3A as a one hour event at the Ironbridge Coracle Trust’s annual Regatta on August 28th!

There will be instruction – all of 1 minute it is understood – so it should be quite a spectacle.

The price would be £20, £10 to the Trust plus £10 to a Cancer charity.

Please contact if you are interested – details, such as they are, are here. We’d also like to hear if you a) would be interested in building this into a 2 day event around Telford including an activity on 29th and any suggestions for what that should be, b) if you would be interested in a subsequent Coracle event that included building your own coracle (what a talking point when mounted on the lounge wall!) and, particularly, c)  if you are a qualified lifeguard with a canoe!