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Weston Turville U3A Newsletter – August 2017

24 August, 2017

There’s nothing normal, usual or straightforward about Mandi’s newsletters … mmm, except that’s normal!  Whatever, in addition to two packed pages of stuff we have extra sheets of WTU3A info (updated since last month, dynamic or what!) AND the floodgates are now open for booking places at this year’s Christmas Lunch. All three were emailed but copies are here in case … well, in case:
August Newsletter
Committee Members
Christmas Dinner booking form

ALSO please consider this request from Caragh Barnes (

By way of introduction, I work with a charitable organisation called Schoolreaders. We recruit volunteers to go into local Primary Schools, to listen to children read on a one-to-one basis. We match the volunteer to the right school, to fit in with the volunteer’s location, availability, needs etc. There is an enormous need for this service, as one in three children are currently leaving Primary School unable to read properly. 

We focus on a limited number of counties each school year, and we are seeking to expand in Buckinghamshire. We are therefore looking to recruit volunteers, and a great number of our current 800 volunteers are U3A members (approximately 40% ). The lovely thing about this scheme is that everyone wins- the children, the school, and the volunteers who get a great deal of pleasure from the experience, and in seeing what a difference a little of their time can make. It is a service that is totally free to volunteers and to schools.

If anyone is interested please contact Caragh directly mentioning the U3A (01494 868704)